J. S. Fesmire Recycles

  At J.S. Fesmire Hauling we recycle all waste associated with appliance sales and delivery.  From the box, plastic, and Styrofoam it’s shipped in, to the breakdown of the unit for recovery of refrigerant, disposal of hazardous materials, and recycling of metals and plastics.  We do our part as required by federal law, but take it a step further by voluntarily processing materials in compliance with the EPA’s phase-2 RAD program.  Our recycling efforts have helped to create new green jobs, which in turn help to bolster the economy, and bring new sources of revenue to our city and country. 

  By keeping materials in the consumer stream, we’re able to minimize landfill waste, save natural resources, conserve energy, and significantly reduce environmentally damaging greenhouse gases, and carbon emissions.




Environmental Benefits of Recycling

Recycled vs. Virgin

Manufacturing recycled products requires, on average, 17 times less energy than manufacturing the same products from virgin materials.
      —National Recycling Coalition



Environmental Impact

Natural Resource Savings



95% energy savings; recycling of one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours (Reynolds Metal Company)

Reduces pollution by 95%, (Reynolds Metal Co.)

4 lbs. of bauxite saved for every pound of aluminum recycled (Reynolds Metal Co.)

Enough aluminum is thrown away to rebuild our commercial air fleet 4 times every year


50% energy savings (Center for Ecological Technology); recycling of one glass container saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours (EPA)

20% less air pollution; 50% less water pollution (NASA)

1 ton of glass made from 50% recycled materials saves 250 lbs. of mining waste (EPA)

Glass can be reused an infinite number of times; over 41 billion glass containers are made each year (EPA)


60% energy savings (Center for Ecological Technology)

95% less air pollution; each ton saves 60 lbs. of air pollution (Center for Ecological Technology)

Recycling of one ton of paper saves 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water (EPA)

Every year enough paper is thrown away to make a 12' wall from New York to California


Plastic milk containers are now only half the weight that they were in 1960 (EPA)


If we recycled every plastic bottle we used, we would keep 2 billion tons of plastic out of landfills (Penn State)

We use enough plastic wrap all of Texas every year (EPA)


74% energy savings; every pound of steel recycled saves enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for 24 hours (Penn State)

Every year we create 11.5 million tons of ferrous wastes (Steel Recycling Institute)

One ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 lbs. of ore, 1000 lbs. coal, and 40 lbs. limestone (Center for Ecological Technology)

Enough iron & steel is discarded in the US to continually supply the nation's automakers (Steel Recycling Institute)


Total recycling benefits

   In 2013, the total estimated benefits generated by all materials recycled by J.S. Fesmire Hauling are equivalent to:

 Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 39,476 passenger vehicles

 CO2 emissions from 468,200 barrels of oil

 Carbon sequestered annually by 42,927 acres of pine forests

 Total energy savings: 3,084,180 BTU

 Total GHG Emissions saved: 221,924 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E)

 Recycling these materials is the responsible thing to do.  In addition to RAD appliance recycling, this is just one more benefit that J.S. Fesmire Hauling is able to offer all of its customers free of charge.  Our recycling program has saved some of our larger appliance retail customers millions of dollars by virtually eliminating costs associated with dumpsters, compactors, transport and disposal of packaging waste generated from appliance sale and delivery.

  We provide recycling solutions for appliance retailers both large and small, utility companies, municipalities, property and waste management companies, as well as contractors and metal manufacturers.  Contact us and let’s custom tailor a program that suits your needs.


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